Tank Body Development

With the main cannon finished I got to working on the main body of the tank the gun have been removed, and censors have been added to help targeting and scanning of enemy’s, I have also added extra engines to the side of the vehicle this allows the tank to also absorb wind to convert it into energy.

Adding windows for the crew and small censors and antennas allow the vehicle to communicate with more efficiency. This breaks up the main body and improves the overall design.  A main question that I have been asked is that why have the small guns been removed and the reason is because the main cannon is its primary weapon and the tank has become more like an artillery platform.

With the back of the body finished I have now to look at the front and I want to change the weapon at the front and add armour to show the vehicle is protected. I have added heavy side armour to protect the sides and the cannon has been changed so the plates have been removed.

2017-04-24 (65)


Author: conor3ddesign

Hi my name is Conor im starting this blog to present my work and show my skills in 3D Design and 3D Software. All the the Work created on this blog was designed, and created my me i have used 3D Software like 3DS MAX, Maya and other programs to create my work. I have also used 2D Software like Photoshop and After affects to create the textures and patterns on each asset. I hope you enjoy my work and please send me a message at any time im happy to help i also have blogs on Devainat-art and blogger to view more of my work.

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