Tank Development

As you can see with this area of the leg finished and the armour added this part looks not too bad. It feels realistic and with the huge joints that connects the leg together these parts aren’t open to an easy attack. The joints have multiple layers of armour and spikes extruding from the base this gives the design an aggressive and brutish feeling.

The amour added is a similar theme to the rest of the design and this really shows this module off as a high Polly asset.

2017-04-24 (72)

I wanted to show all the assets and how complicated 3D work is and how it’s important to keep track of everything. The original tank can be seen and the updated tank is currently in bits and scattered out on the floor just like a real work shop. All I need to do is to connect the update parts of the tank together and I will be finished the module.

2017-04-24 (73)


Author: conor3ddesign

Hi my name is Conor im starting this blog to present my work and show my skills in 3D Design and 3D Software. All the the Work created on this blog was designed, and created my me i have used 3D Software like 3DS MAX, Maya and other programs to create my work. I have also used 2D Software like Photoshop and After affects to create the textures and patterns on each asset. I hope you enjoy my work and please send me a message at any time im happy to help i also have blogs on Devainat-art and blogger to view more of my work.

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