Apartment renovation texturing Development

Texture test H5.png


Im Back

Hi the reason i haven’t posted anything for months is because of multiple reasons but during that time i have create more work and developed my skills overall. Please feel free to message me at any time and will be posting more work as soon as possible.

Tank Development

As you can see with this area of the leg finished and the armour added this part looks not too bad. It feels realistic and with the huge joints that connects the leg together these parts aren’t open to an easy attack. The joints have multiple layers of armour and spikes extruding from the base this gives the design an aggressive and brutish feeling.

The amour added is a similar theme to the rest of the design and this really shows this module off as a high Polly asset.

2017-04-24 (72)

I wanted to show all the assets and how complicated 3D work is and how it’s important to keep track of everything. The original tank can be seen and the updated tank is currently in bits and scattered out on the floor just like a real work shop. All I need to do is to connect the update parts of the tank together and I will be finished the module.

2017-04-24 (73)

Tank Leg Development

So with the main body of the tank finished I have been able to start developing the legs. One of the first things I did was to copy and paste the legs and split it into different parts the first part is the joint.

This is the area that allows the leg to move forward and background and is a key part for the tank to move. I added a layer of armour and did it in the similar style from the rest of the tank. I made sure the top spikes were longer and at more of an angle further away from the body.

2017-04-24 (70).png

The key part of the legs that needs to developed is the thin joints that are like bones that keep the 2 largest parts together. I have cut the old part out because it had too many Polly’s and was over detailed and I have added 2 plain tubes and connected them together. I have started to add armour and will keep to the style I have been doing and a question I was asked is it not to thin for a key part of the tank to hold that much weight and I say it’s an alien tank it’s not going to make total sense.

2017-04-24 (71).png

Tank Body Development 2

With the new armour plates finished and their curved shape to add sloping armour and to curve with the front of the tank. The overlapping armour and spike part bring the front of the module to life and adds an aspect of aggression. I have also added two long pincers that make it look a lot like an ant’s mouth and makes the module feel more natural.