Start of the Tank

The first part of the design was to start creating the key areas of the tank. The first think I had to do was to get a sense of scale for the module, and starting with the legs this would give me a basic starting point.

After working on the leg I was able to create a basic shape and to then smooth it to get the curves I wanted. I want the legs to be one of the most unique areas of the asset so finding a way to make it more interesting will take some researching.

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Tank Specifications

The next asset I am going to make is another tank but completely different from the mantis this will allow me to develop my skills in 3D and have a range of work in my portfolio.

The first thing I have done is to come up with a list of specifications and got a friend to give me a new design idea. My list is high Polly module, moving parts, complex design and different style form the mantis.

When I asked for ideas from my friend I got told them I needed the asset to be alien inspired so after a while his list was walking tank, 4 legs, insect inspired, aggressive design with spikes, and inspired by brute force.

With a goal I will be spends the next couple of weeks working on this tank and a number of other assets. I am happy with how the mantis has worked out so I am looking forward to getting started on new assets.


Mantis Thoughts

Mantis thoughts

To start I want to go over the mantis and see if it still uses the check list I made at the start of the process and see if I used it or failed to meet specifications. This is important part because being a 3D Artist in the games industry means working to a set task and keeping to the goals and if you can do that than you’re not going to be hired by a games/company.

So the check list I made up was to how it could develop my skills and the physical aspects were set by a friend of mine. My specifications were high Polly module, complex body, large scale, multiple moving parts.

For the physical look of the asset I got a friend of mine who plays games just as much as me to give me quick sketch or describe the asset he wanted to see. His specifications were walking battle ship, mobile artillery, similar in design to halo 4/5 mantis and lots of guns.

I believe the mantis final module dose complies with the specifications set out. It’s a high Polly asset that has complex parts and one of the largest assets iv ever made. The physical aspect of the module also complies with the set goals laid out by my friend, The module is similar to the halo mantis in design but with its own spin on it and the number of weapons make it a walking battle tank.

Overall I am happy with how the mantis has turned out it’s a unique design and has allowed me to develop my skills on 3DS MAX and confidence in 3D.

Blog Update

Blog update

Hi everyone huge thanks to those people who have liked my work and added to their favourites this makes me so happy to see people interested in my work and if there are any questions please feel free to ask me.

So over the weeks I have been working on the mantis and have then edited it even more by adding armour and changing aspects of the module. I did the changed to make it high Polly asset, and an interesting design.

Overall I am happy with the finished mantis and will go into detail on my personal thoughts in a different post. I am happy because I have been able to edit the asset to make it far more interesting in the detailed areas and in the technical areas like poly count.

Mantis update finished

I have finished the mantis module with the new updates added like the armour, and weapons I have gone over the module to make sure there isn’t any issues that could cause problems later. I have reviewed the added changes the mantis to insure there isn’t clipping when in animation process.

The final module is something I’m really with happy with the changes not only add detail to the asset but makes it so much more interesting and complex module. The design was to present strong and powerful war machine with overwhelming fire power and the update makes it more unique and interesting.

2017-04-24 (37)

Mantis legs improvements

The last part of the mantis I need to work was adding armour to the feet with this I will have finished the design on the time plan I set. The armour I have added went on the feet of the module, the legs are the key part of the machine so every step must be taken to make sure its strong and stable and has the best protection available.

With the mantis now finished I went over the final module to making sure the Polly’s are all connected and that on the basic level there isn’t any issues with the module that could affect it when being put into a game engine.

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