Mantis update finished

I have finished the mantis module with the new updates added like the armour, and weapons I have gone over the module to make sure there isn’t any issues that could cause problems later. I have reviewed the added changes the mantis to insure there isn’t clipping when in animation process.

The final module is something I’m really with happy with the changes not only add detail to the asset but makes it so much more interesting and complex module. The design was to present strong and powerful war machine with overwhelming fire power and the update makes it more unique and interesting.

2017-04-24 (37)


Mantis legs improvements

The last part of the mantis I need to work was adding armour to the feet with this I will have finished the design on the time plan I set. The armour I have added went on the feet of the module, the legs are the key part of the machine so every step must be taken to make sure its strong and stable and has the best protection available.

With the mantis now finished I went over the final module to making sure the Polly’s are all connected and that on the basic level there isn’t any issues with the module that could affect it when being put into a game engine.

2017-04-24 (36)

Mantis legs improvements

With only a final couple of parts to finish the mantis is almost completed and will be finished on time table I set out. The next part I have added was larger plates of armour to the knees this protects a key point and with some changes to the area the movement of the leg wasn’t affected.

I am happy with how this has worked after some work I was able to reduce the Polly’s and the size of the plates in the back this meant the plates could fold in the knees when walking and adds more detail to the module.

2017-04-24 (35).png

Mantis Body changes 2.2

The next part of the mantis update is to start adding extra armour to key areas like the body and joints. With the success of how the other parts worked out I have chosen to keep a similar theme going for the rest of the module. I was going to try and add new elements of armour to make the over design more unique and interesting but chosen keep basic overlapping armour.

I wanted the armour to mimic bones like the ribs of a human and because the centre of the module is so thin it required maximum protection. I had to create extra and new armour that curved around the body and then on top had the overlapping armour.

I am happy with how this has worked out its added strength to the module and hides one of its weak points from enemy’s. It adds an element of realism to the design and the armour on the legs doesn’t hinder its ability to walk.

2017-04-24 (34)

Mantis body changes

With the arms finished I can now move onto the body and finish the asset all the parts I need to do are basic and adding detail and armour to key areas.

The first area I need to work on was the top of the mantis there I was able to add armour to the weak points, a targeting system so the guns can be automated, this system uses inferred cameras and sensors for targeting and is placed under the gun for protection and to allow the gun to rotate without it getting in the way.

The artillery guns were very basic so adding extruding points to the front broke the design up and made it more interesting when compared to the module before and armour was added for protection.

Heavy cannon

I started and finished the left cannon it is far bigger than the right side and took longer to connect to the mantis.

This is cannon is to show the strength of the mantis and can destroy building is single shot. This cannon won’t have the same arm length as the right side due to the scale of the cannon.

With each side needed to be individually developed both arms took a lot longer to create then and needed time to making sure everything was finished.

Mantis Arms Improvements 2

The mantis arms have been slowly developed over a couple of days this is because each side is different. I had to work on each arm individually and one arm had to be longer compared to the other. The left side had to have more length added and then Armor was added on the exposed sections.

The Armor added isn’t just to make the asset detailed but to add protection and a realistic aspect to the module.

The gun itself is a heavy machine gun compared but to the rest of the guns it’s one of the smallest and lest powerful but is designed for close quarters fighting.